Robotic Surgery

Robotic Assisted Surgery in Queensland

Robotic assisted joint replacement is now offered by Dr Simon Elix and Dr Ben Williams in Darwin.

This technology combines specialised tools and patented technology with advanced robotics to help Dr Elix place and fit implants in line with his patient’s functional anatomy and provides greater accuracy compared to conventional approaches. Benefits include:

  • being able to predictively balance knee ligaments utilising dynamic real-time feedback through the entire range of motion
  • accurate positioning of the femoral cutting guide based on real time data eliminating the need to manually position and pin any conventional cutting jigs

One of the specific devices used for robotic assisted surgery at Nautilus Orthopaedics is The BalanceBot™. This is the world's first and only robotic system currently to integrate ligament tension with bone alignment.

A well balanced knee replacement is a key factor in ensuring happy outcomes. This is a major reason for choosing Robotic Assisted Balancing. Data shows that these well-balanced knees allow most patients to begin walking mere hours after surgery and that patient satisfaction averages 95.1% at 6 months post operation, compared to an industry average of 81.4%.

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